Mittens With A Mission

Hand-made wool mittens for a cause.

About Mittens With A Mission

One of the many ways you can support WBI is by purchasing a pair (or two) of hand-made wool mittens. Each pair is made from repurposed wool sweaters. The sweaters are “felted” (shrunk) so that the knit is nice and tight, adding to the mittens warmth. Then the sweaters are cut into mittens, along with polar fleece lining, and sewn together by Sue. Each pair is unique and super warm as she uses sweaters that are 75% wool or more. Mitten season tends to run from late October thru the end of December. We will be posting the schedule of craft sales that we will be at on the website, as well as our Facebook page. You do not have to wait for fall to purchase mittens! Sue always has an inventory on hand; and so just reach out to Sue to coordinate a meeting and we can get you set up with as many pairs of mittens as your heart desires. If you have a sweater that is special to you, one that perhaps holds some sentimental memories, Sue is happy to create “Memory Mittens” for you out of your special sweater.

All the proceeds from the sale of these mittens go directly to WBI.

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Join us at one of these many events to purchase a pair of hand-made mittens and learn more about WBI

Date Time Event Name Location
October 13th 2018 10am-5pm Minnetonka Apple Orchard 6530 County Rd 26, Minnetrista, MN
October 21st 2018 10am-4pm Hauntingly Spectacular Craft and Gift Show Hopkins VFW, 10 12th Ave South, Hopkins, MN
October 26th 2018 4pm-8pm Mustard Seed 10000 Great Plains Blvd, Chaska, MN
November 2nd 2018 4pm-8pm Sauk Rapids VFW 901 North Benton Dr. Sauk Rapids, MN
November 3rd 2018 9am-3pm 3M Craft Show 840 Century Ave. Hutchinson, MN
November 3rd 2018 9am-2pm Dassel Cokato Craft Fair Dassel-Cokato Middle School
November 8th 2018 5pm-9pm Chaska Ladies Night Chaska Event Center. Chaska, MN
November 10th 2018 10am-3pm NWC Vendor Show Northfield Ballroom, Northfield, MN
November 10th 2018 10am-2pm Widows Weekend Holy Cross School, St Cloud, MN
November 10th 2018 1pm-4pm Family Fall Fest Hopkins VFW, Hopkins, MN
November 11th 2018 11am-5pm Chaska Craft and Gift Expo Chaska Event Center, Chaska, MN
November 15th 2018 10am-7pm Holiday Village at Ebenzer Ridges Burnsville, MN
November 16th 2018 10am-3pm Holiday Village at Ebenzer Ridges Burnsville, MN
November 17th 2018 9am-3pm Norwood Young America Craft Fair (gym) Central High School, Norwood-Young America, MN
November 17th 2018 9am-2pm Howard Lake Einstad Creative Craft Fair 8700 Cty Rd 6, Howard Lake, MN
November 18th 2018 11am-3pm Melrose American Legion Melrose American Legion
November 23rd 2018 2pm-6pm Melrose Holiday Kickoff Melrose Chamber of Commerce
December 8th 2018 10am-4pm Hopkins Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Craft Show Hopkins VFW, Hopkins, MN